Advertising Options

Content Marketing

BioProcess International’s content works. It drives high levels of audience engagement via print readership and online traffic. Now it’s time to put BPI’s content to work for you. Partner with BPI to create a custom marketing campaign that connects BPI’s peer-reviewed content to your expertise. The result will be effective high qualified and targeted lead generation.

Content Engagement

Implement a scheduled two or three step custom HTML campaign program to target and capture BioProcess International’s readers interest in specific science, technologies, or applications. Once engaged, the campaign delivers sponsor’s personalized solutions, technology, and/or thought leadership to a targeted, qualified, and engaged audience. This program is designed to deliver high quality, highly qualified lead generation.

Key Word Engagement

On an average month, over 100,000 industry professionals visit BioProcess International’s website to use, research, reference, and apply BPIs comprehensive database of scientific content. BioProcess International evaluates reading pattern and behavioral data to understand what science, technologies, and topics are of most interest. Put the power and influence of BPI’s editorial archive to work for you.

Step 1: Use targeted, peer-reviewed BPI content or create a custom distribution list based upon key word search or technology demographics to deliver a custom HTML to a pre-qualified, engaged audience.

Step 2: 48 hours after email #1, deliver your companies custom content (white paper, application note, etc.) to this group of qualified readers.

Step 3 (optional): 48 hours after email #2, invite this highly qualified and engaged group to download or view additional content (on-demand Ask the Expert webcast, product video demonstration, etc.) or attend a company event (facility tour, conference presentation, etc.)